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The correct diabetes diet

The correct foods for any diabetic are, not surprisingly, those which do not make your condition worse. In other words, the correct foods are fats, which don't affect either blood glucose or insulin, and sufficient protein for the maintenance of your body. Plus, of course the full array of vitamins, minerals and trace elements your body also needs if it is to function healthily.

And that is actually quite easy to achieve without resorting to special foods, expensive foods, supplements, or unnatural foods. This section will show what and why.


The basic principles are based on eating foods that are natural for us as a species. As our gut is entirely that of a carnivore, it is obvious that it is foods from plant sources that are most likely to be suspect. And so we find.

Only carbs, particularly those which are very carb dense such as sugars and cereal grains, cause blood glucose to rise to high levels. So, obviously, those are the things to avoid.

But there is aspect to consider: Insulin Resistance. And in this condition, which affects all type-2 diabetics and is a precusor to diabetes, the polyunsaturated vegetable oils that are found in cooking oils, margarines and many processed foods such as cookies, cakes, prepacked meals, TV dinners and convenience foods, are also implicated. (You will note that these, too, are from plant sources.) So these should be avoided also.

This section will explain exactly which foods are safe for you to eat and which are not. It will also explain how much of each you should aim for and in what proportions.

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Last updated 30 April 2009

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