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Why the conventional diabetes diet is wrong

Have been listening to your diabetes doctor or diabetes nurse — and doing what you're told by eating the diabetes diet they advised?

Have you been trying to eat the five portions of fruit and bread they recommend?

Have you been cutting down on fats, and cutting out saturated fats altogether?

Have you then been filling up on 'low-GI, complex carbohydrates'?

In which case, you may have noticed that keeping your blood sugar within normal limits is getting harder.

And you may have found that your diabetes is not only getting no better, it's actually getting worse.

And you are having to use higher doses of medication, or getting to the stage where your diabetes doctor or diabetes nurse is talking about using insulin.

Are your diabetes advisers suggesting that you aren't trying hard enough, and that you must do better or you risk all sorts of nasty complications?

Well, they are certainly right about the risks of continuing as you are, but they are not necessarily right that it is your fault.

The reason things are not getting better and may actually be getting worse, might not be your fault at all but the fault of their advice.

For the simple fact is that telling people who already have high levels of blood gluose to eat foods which increase glucose levels still further - bread, pasta, rice, fruit and such - is, in our opinion, either a form of lunacy or a demonstration of incompetence.

In this section, we will show you why we think the diabetes diet recommended by Diabetes UK and the American Diabetes Association is unsuitable for a diabetic.

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Last updated 14 November 2009

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