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Making the Change to a Healthy Diabetes Diet

If you want to live a healthy life for the rest of your life, you will have to change your diet — permanently.

You may get away with not having to make much of a change or you might have to do a complete rethink about your new way of eating.

It is almost certain that you are eating way too much carbohydrate (you wouldn't be diabetic if you weren't). So you MUST cut down on the carbs. But that does NOT mean that you must go hungry. If you stop eating some foods, you merely eat others so that your energy supply continues.

And when you cut down on carbs, you should increase your intake of fats to compensate.

But this change of energy source means that your body will have to change many of the enzymes it uses from ones that are used to metabolise carbs (glucose) to others that are needed to metabolise fats. And this takes time. So don't rush at it. make the change over a couple of weeks. This has the added advantage that you can modify what you like eating now more easily, as it will give you time to think.

Simple Test

But you want to know: will it work, right? Here is a simple test which should convince you, if you have a blood glucose meter.

Next weekend (or when you don't have to go to work). On Saturday if you normally have cereals or toast for breakfast, take your fasting blood glucose reading before breakfast and note it. Then take the reading again 2 hours after breakfast and note it.

On Sunday, don't have the cereals or toast, scramble three eggs in butter instead. Take the same two reading as you did on Saturday. Now compare the two sets of readings.

Is the Sunday reading a lot lower than the Saturday one after breakfast? Well that will work for all meals. You just need a change of foods.

This section will explain which are good and which are not both for you if you are already diabetic, or if aren't and don't want to be.

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