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precautions to take when changing diet

The way of eating suggested on this website is entirely healthy. However you may need to take some precautions when making the change from your current diet.

If you know that you have a serious health problem - and I include diabetes in this category - then be cautious:

Halve your current carb intake for a couple of weeks, then reduce to 100 grams, then reduce again to the recommended 30-50 grams. You will do yourself no harm by eating only 30 grams of carbs a day - or even less - for the rest of your life, but do take it easy during the changeover period. You will reap the benefits later.

If you are a type-1 diabetic injecting insulin, or a type-2 taking a drug that increases your pancreas's insulin production , then you MUST reduce the dose as you reduce your carb intake to compensate for the lower levels of glucose in your blood or you risk a hypo.

The way to do this is to lower both carbs and insulin (or drug) simultaneously in small amounts over a few weeks.

Remember, if you only make small changes, you can only make small mistakes

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Last updated 23 January 2009

Disclaimer: The Diabetes Diet website should be used to support rather than replace medical advice advocated by physicians.

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