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The Diabetes Diet: A Simple Cure for Diabetes -
Without Using Drugs

Quick, easy, inexpensive Diabetes Diet—and no adverse side effects

Diabetes is a serious disease whether looked at from the perspective of the patient or of its cost to the National Health Service. Diabetes, characterised by raised levels of sugar in the bloodstream, can ultimately lead to diverse problems including blindness, gangrene, kidney disease, nerve damage and impotence. Diabetes is also the third leading cause of death after cardiovascular disease and cancer. What is more, diabetes is turning into a bit of an epidemic in the UK, with the number of sufferers set to double over the next decade.

But it's not all doom and gloom.

The good news is that there's plenty of evidence that making informed dietary choices offers real potential for the treatment of diabetes. That is the basis of this diabetes diet. This diet can be so effective that, for all practical purposes, diabetes is permanently 'cured'—without the need for drugs.

In fact, diabetes is probably not only the easiest medical condition to treat, it is also easy to prevent and, in type-2 at least, not difficult to cure.

The Diabetes Diet also benefits Type-1 diabetics. Type-1 diabetics will certainly be able to reduce their insulin, and may be able to stop injecting insulin altogether with the correct diabetes diet.

As diabetes and obesity go hand-in-hand, with obesity being more obvious first, this website will look at both these conditions.

These pages are designed to give you a basic knowledge about diabetes to help you understand:

  • what diabetes is,
  • what causes diabetes,
  • the signs and symptoms of diabetes,
  • the causes and risk factors of diabetes,
  • how diabetes is treated
  • and why the conventional methods make the condition worse.

It also provides a better, healthier diabetes diet not only to treat existing diabetes but to prevent it.

Each section links to further information or if you want to know more than the basics about diabetes and a correct diabetes diet.

Last updated 20 July 2011

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Last updated 30 April 2009

Disclaimer: The Diabetes Diet website should be used to support rather than replace medical advice advocated by physicians.

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