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During the last century, and fuelled by poor knowledge, overweight people were urged to cut down on calories and take more exercise. This policy was a disaster in that it led to 'yo-yo' dieting where dieters lost weight by starving, only to put it all back on — and more as well, usually — when they started to eat again. All such low-calorie diets were carbohydrate based and cut out fats.

With the coming of the even more disastrous 'healthy eating' experiment since the 1980s, which have promoted the same thing in the expectation that it will make things better! Not surprisingly, the situation has spiralled out of control. And now cases of obesity and diabetes, as well as a host of other chronic degenerative disease, have risen exponentially.

At the turn of the century, there was a sea change: Low carb books started to be published. This caused an almighty backlash because the dieticians and nutritionists, who had been promoting 'healthy eating', could, we think, see the writing on the wall and feared for their reputations. But then the pulblic were introduced to the concept of low-GI diets. Although foods with the lowest GI are meats and fats, desperate dieticians, nutritionists and low-fat diet book writers saw a way out of their predicament: They could still promote low-fat, carbohydrate-based diets if they put more emphasis on eating carbs with a lower GI.

Unfortunaely for them, it hasn't solved the problem; indeed the problems are getting worse even more quickly.

But there is an answer. A way of eating that has been known and written about for nearly a century and a half. And, more than that, this way of eating has evidence of its effectiveness and safety from a large number of population studies and clinical trials — something that 'healthy eating' lacks.

If you want a way of eating which is easy and safe to live on for life, which doesn't involve being hungry, which will take you back to a normal weight, which will prevent and successfully treat diabetes, which doesn't require supplements or special meals, and which is not expensive, see Natural Health and Weight Loss

Another book which tells how and why the 'health industry' makes you ill so that it can profit from your discomfort is Trick and Treat: How 'healthy eating' is making us ill. This is a 'must read' for doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, and anyone who values their health and wishes to live a long and comfortable life, without the aches, pains and illnesses that plague our later lives.

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Featured Books
Trick and Treat
Trick and Treat cover
A great book that shatters so many of the nutritional fantasies and fads of the last twenty years. Read it and prolong your life.
Clarissa Dickson Wright
"NH&WL may be the best non-technical book on diet ever written"
Joel Kauffman, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of the Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

Last updated 23 January 2009

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