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Diabetes diet for blood glucose and insulin control

Part 3: Dietary fat gives the best control

We are often told that eating fat increases glucose and insulin levels. Like most dietary advice today it is quite wrong as the graphs in Part 1 demonstrate. The second line at the bottom of both graphs which are marked with black circles, show the effects of dietary fats on both glucose and insulin. As is clearly shown, fat has practically no effect on either glucose or insulin levels.

But not only is the notion that fat increases glucose and insuli wrong in itself, because of the propaganda against fats, it also ensures that you won't even consider the best diabetes diet of all - one that is actually high in fat.

Many studies have shown clearly that eating fat gives by far the best control over blood glucose and insulin levels. Before 'healthy eating' was introduced in the 1980s, a diabetes diet was a high-fat diet.

To sum up: carbs raise both blood glucose and insulin; protein reduces glucose, but increases insulin; and only fat gives good control over both. Not surprisingly, currently recommended, 'healthy' carbohydrate-based diabetes diets are totally inappropriate and unsuitable.

Diabetes diet guideline

In your diabetes diet you should replace the energy lost from giving up carbs with fats, not protein.

There is no need to be afraid of fats - of the right sort. The right and wrong fats are discussed under " Healthy fats " and " Unhealthy fats "

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