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Breakfast Ideas and Recipes

As it comes at the end of a ten or eleven hour fast, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Ignore it and the body may have to wait a further four or five hours for its energy supply. In this situation, the body cannot function properly. Not only will you be less energetic and mentally alert, such a long period without nourishment can harm your body's energy regulating mechanisms. Any breakfast is better than none but for peak efficiency you need to start the day with a good supply of nutrients.

Cold breakfasts — cold meats, hard-boiled eggs and cheeses — can be prepared the day before they are needed. If you enjoy a cooked breakfast, however, it is worth taking the little extra time it takes to prepare one. An easy and quick breakfast is the traditional bacon and eggs. To fry these takes about ten minutes, only makes one pan dirty and contains no carbohydrate.

You will notice that we use eggs a lot. This is because they are a marvellous food, providing all the proteins, fats, minerals trace elements and vitamins our bodies need, That shouldn't be surprisisng as an egg contains all the compounds needed to make a whole animal. The only thing that eggs are short of is vitamin C, but as most vit C is usedfor metabolising carbs, and we aren't going to eat much of there, it really doesn't matter.

And don't worry about the number of eggs you eat. The idea that you should only eat a couple of eggs a week, is complete nonsense. You can quite safely and healthily eat several eggs a day.


Basic Pancakes. There a couple of recipes which are useful across all meals, but particularly so at breakfast time. These are pancakes which very filling in their own right. They are easy and quick to make, and can be used as a base for a whole range of different dishes.

Mixed Grill. This is a substantial breakfast. It will keep you going for most of the day.

The quickest breakfast of all. This breakfast takes only a few minutes but will keep you satisfied until well into the afternoon.

Scrambled Eggs This is the basic scrambled eggs.

Herbed Scrambled Eggs. There are many ways to make scrambled eggs.This is a more interesting way

Poached eggs on toast. This recipe is for those who can't give up bread. But there is no need to if the amount is kept under control.

Breakfast Omelettes. Eggs are great, but if you would like a bit of variety, try making omelettes. These can be just eggs on their own or have a variety of toppings. Here are some ideas.

Kidneys a l'orange. This is for special occasions or weekends as it takes a bit longer to make.

Avocado and Cream Cheese Omelette. This is another good one for weekends and special occasions.

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Last updated 23 January 2009

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